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Moving House? Some Tips to Make it a Success

Finding the best removal company that can offer you advice and help is key to a successful move. Birmingham removals are not hard to come by, but finding the best company for your budget and family may prove to be a challenge. Small Movers are a friendly and professional business who specialise in moving large families. Small Movers can assist you with every aspect of moving, from packing to giving advice about where to buy the best boxes. Our team can also provide you with tips to make your move as easy as possible, recommended site!

When planning a home move, the first thing you should do is make an inventory. It’s unlikely that you will misplace a wardrobe, bed or other large items, but small things can be easily overlooked and lost. An inventory provides valuable proof to the insurance company if anything is lost. You can store valuable jewellery or important documents in a safe deposit box during the moving process to avoid accidentally throwing them away.

Order early and estimate how much packing you’ll need. Small Movers will recommend suppliers of packaging who deliver across the country. Normal cardboard boxes have a single-thickness and are not strong. Double thickness boxes are recommended for proper protection, and to ensure that they won’t fall when filled. Newspaper can also be used to protect fragile objects, and it is cheaper. Start packing non-essential items as soon as you receive your packaging. The season will determine the need for many of them, such as winter coats, wellies and deckchairs. Some items, like books and ornaments, are easy to pack, no matter the season.

Label your boxes as soon as they are packed! You can identify the box by using a list of contents, an item number, or the room name. If the contents of the box are fragile, make sure to clearly mark the box. Boxes are handled carefully by movers, but boxes marked “fragile” will always be at the top and treated with extra care. Use linen or bedding to cover fragile items. Make sure the box has a clear label so the unpacker knows that breakables are hidden among the pillows and sheets.

When moving furniture, or any other item that needs to be taken apart before the move, ensure that the pieces are all packed together. Also make sure to place small parts or screws in a secure bag attached to the entire piece. Wrap antique wood furniture properly to avoid scratches. It can be difficult to move house plants, but if you wrap them in gardeners’ fleece or bubble wrap they should not suffer any damage. It is best to wait until the very last moment before moving house plants. They will benefit by being removed from their wrapping and moved as quickly as possible.